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Being beautiful

What constitutes good skin care for you, Manuela?

Manuela Schöbel:

Good skin care helps the skin to help itself. It's about providing care that meets the skin's needs, but doesn’t surpass them. This corresponds with our concept of holistic skin care. As an esthetician, I consider not only the skin of the face, but the person as a whole: their physical build, way of moving, language, temperament.

In other words, it’s not enough to simply add blusher if the skin underneath isn’t right. True beauty requires a holistic sense of well-being. If the feet aren’t feeling well, this will reflect in the beauty of the face.

Manuela Schöbel:

Of course, external factors also play a major role. There has been a huge rise in intolerances and allergies. Life has changed: everything is faster paced, we are hounded by digitalisation and stress is increasing. This is different to how things were just ten years ago. Many people have become “thinner-skinned” in a very literal sense of the term.

But there are ways we can help the skin to counteract these influences. The Dr. Hauschka Med product line, for example, was developed for very dry skin or skin with atopic dermatitis. We are currently expanding this line.

Manuela Schöbel:

The basic principle is that our skin’s function and appearance is constantly changing. During the day, when we are active, the skin is fully engaged as a protective barrier against environmental influences. At night, when we sleep, the regeneration phase is most pronounced. The seasons and our age also play a role. In spring, people may notice that their skin displays increased reactiveness and heightened sensitivity. The constitution of the entire organism is generally at its best in summer. In autumn, the skin becomes paler and slacker and the peripheral blood circulation decreases. Then, in winter, the metabolic activity and blood circulation decrease even more.

To counteract these seasonal changes, we recommend a variation of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products that take nature’s rhythms into account. Varying the intervals between treatments can also help support the skin.

Manuela Schöbel:

That’s right. Elisabeth Sigmund has developed a lymph stimulation treatment that has a revitalising effect on a person’s entire fluid organism. It helps to decongest, purify and strengthen the immune system, resulting in a feeling of deep relaxation combined with a lightness, ease and inner balance.

That alone sounds like well-being and beauty to me.

Manuela Schöbel:

But I’m also noticing another development in society: The desire for youthfulness is growing stronger than ever. Even young women are seeing wrinkles where there aren’t any and are searching for “anti-ageing” products.

We are living longer and longer, which is wonderful! But people are placing themselves in categories like “young” or “old”, which creates unnecessary pressure. For the product development team, these categories really don't play a role.

Manuela Schöbel:

Of course, over the course of its life, skin becomes less eager to regenerate, becomes thinner, loses its elasticity, etc.

The mechanisms of the skin naturally become slower with age, prompting us to adapt the care we provide it with. But here at Dr. Hauschka, we once again apply the principle of holistic care. We try to understand, for example, why the skin is currently very dry and how we can stimulate a natural process of regeneration.

Manuela Schöbel:

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is made of natural substances that correspond to the skin and its natural processes. That certainly helps.

The innate shaping and forming powers of these natural substances are taken into account in the production of our cosmetics through the elaborate rhythmic processing methods. As a result, our products optimally support the continuous generation, preservation and restoration of the skin. In other words, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care activates the skin’s natural abilities. For us, the use of natural substances to achieve this has always been a matter of course.

Manuela Schöbel:

We should also always remember that beauty ideals change over the centuries and that beauty is still something very individual. Different countries have different beauty ideals. What I wish for above all is that women continue to discover and rediscover their own beauty, that they simply live and feel beautiful. With this attitude, treatments, cosmetics and great make-up are nothing more than wonderfully useful companions.

There are people with a charisma that comes from their inner beauty. They simply radiate, and I find this beautiful. Whether you are large or slim, old or young – the outside really doesn’t matter! For me, my morning face cleansing ritual is a joy. It’s taking time for myself, which is not only good for my skin but also for my soul. I think this inner peace is essential for a radiant charisma.

Manuela Schöbel:

Absolutely! When a woman looks in the mirror and is happy with her appearance, that’s what beauty is all about. A smile can also help.


“When a woman looks in the mirror and is happy with her appearance, that’s what beauty is all about.” (Manuela Schöbel)

“What matters most is that people feel beautiful.” That they accept and love themselves. That they take some time to care for their own body, skin and hair.” (Manuela Schöbel)

“My latest beauty tip? I enjoy a footbath almost every day, especially during the colder times of year. I treat my body to Blackthorn Toning Body Oil after showering and regularly use our Renewing Night Conditioner ampoules to stimulate my skin’s natural functions.” (Manuela Schöbel)

“Here at Dr. Hauschka, we firmly believe in the skin’s self-regeneration.” (Marie Calas)

“It’s not enough to simply add blusher if the skin underneath isn’t right.” (Marie Calas)

“Beauty comes from within. You can still be stunningly beautiful as you age.” (Marie Calas)