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Innovation, WALA style

Wanted: a plant combining wisdom and vitality

It all starts with a new product for mature skin. This is a skin type that needs not just nourishing stimulation but also genuine support from its cosmetics. That’s the brief. Annette Greco, Head of Galenic Development at Dr. Hauschka, describes how she approaches her work:

‘When developing our cosmetics, we look to people and their needs first – then we look to nature. For Regenerating Intensive night care, we ask ourselves: which plant caters specifically to the stage of life when the skin becomes more mature? We’re interested in what else is happening at that time: a decrease in vigour, yes, but also an awakening of a new spiritual wisdom. For me, this immediately brings the olive tree to mind. It can live for several thousand years, yet still bear fruit and sprout new branches. Thus, it combines resilience and wisdom with the ability to create new things. Don’t be deceived by its gnarled trunk and silvery crown. This tree is full of vitality.’

Found: olives harvested and selected by hand

For WALA, the fruits of the tree – the olives – are most intriguing. They are grown according to best organic practices by partner companies in the Mediterranean, harvested by hand and immediately transported to WALA’s plant laboratory, where they’re carefully selected by hand. The finer the fruit, the better the finished product. ‘We process the whole fruit, including the stone, in order to take full advantage of everything the olive has to offer,’ says Annette Greco.

The best of both worlds

The olive reveals its hidden capabilities in the lab. ‘The olive has components containing water and fat – just like our skin. This is very rare for fruit, as oil in plants usually forms in the seed, while the flesh around it is watery in nature. The olive, however, contains water and fat in the flesh of its fruit. It doesn’t separate – it combines,’ says Annette Greco, admiringly.

The same applies to the olive extract now being produced in a multi-stage process in the WALA lab. ‘It combines the two components, essentially capturing the best of both worlds, and preserving the bountiful and harmonious power of the olive. It’s innovative and does justice to the olive – and to mature skin.’

The olives are harvested by hand and brought fresh to our plant laboratory in Bad Boll, where they usually arrive during the Advent season. We pick them by hand, crush and press the whole fruit with stone.
For the new Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Intensive Night Serum, WALA has developed a new olive extract that perfectly meets the needs of mature skin with its combination of water and oil.
Annette Greco is Head of Galenic Development and responsible for the continuous optimisation of the product range.

A perfect match for mature skin

WALA’s revitalising olive extract is a perfect match for mature skin with diminishing regenerative capabilities. It’s particularly effective at night, as the skin repairs itself while we sleep. That’s why the new olive extract is a key ingredient in the Regenerating Intensive Night Serum. With its olive-simulating combination of oil and water it takes the principle of water-based night care for mature skin a step further. This sees Dr. Hauschka breaking new ground while remaining true to itself.

The olive – always an ideal companion

Annette Greco turns her attention once more to the olive tree, which, as a cultivated plant, has had a close association with humans for millennia. So close that the annual oil output of each tree is enough to keep an oil lamp burning for a year. The olive also has huge mythological and symbolic significance. Its branches crown the heads of champions and, together with the white dove, they signify peaceful missions of the United Nations. As Annette Greco puts it: ‘The olive tree is a plant of inner strength. It can contain opposite things at once and unite them in harmony – important concepts in later life, when skin is more mature.’

Truly special care

Shifting focus from mature skin to the mature individual, the extraordinary power of the new olive extract becomes apparent. It aligns seamlessly with the stage of life that’s all about exploring development spaces and accepting support. ‘At a certain age, we – and our skin – just want to be ourselves, embrace our experience and allow our inner vitality to unfold in new ways. Night-time is a great development space, which is why there’s so much potential in night skincare,’ summarises Annette Greco. She believes that the new olive extract offers a skincare solution that is wise, inspiring and revitalising. In short, something very special indeed.