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Nature. Different. Effective.

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What Elisabeth Sigmund and Rudolf Hauschka began in a Swabian spa town back in 1967 was a small cosmetic revolution: going from chemistry back to nature. Since then, we have been making Dr. Hauschka skincare exclusively from purely natural ingredients. Nature is the most wonderful inspiration for healthy skin, and our care concept is based on its rhythms. Individual blends of herbal extracts provide targeted everyday stimulation for all skin types, thus helping the skin to utilise its own resources to stay healthy and beautiful.

Our origins are at the heart of our premium skincare. Today, we still work on the very same piece of land in Eckwälden, Germany, that Rudolf Hauschka purchased in the 1950s. Back then it was a marshy meadow, but devoted cultivation and care turned it into a biodiverse gem. Today, the soil is fine grained and easy to work. More than 150 medicinal plants for our valuable natural cosmetics are grown on an area covering just over six acres. As a manufacturer of medicines, we know that every plant and every natural ingredient has specific properties that contribute to the harmonious and effective overall composition of a product. But this knowledge alone is not enough for us: we want to continue learning from nature, and we are constantly using cutting edge methods to research it further.

Natural active ingredients are the basis of all products from Dr. Hauschka. Protecting the richness and diversity of nature is our very top priority. We take responsibility for the careful handling of natural resources. For us, caring for the environment is more than just a trend: it is a part of us and is at the heart of what we do, in Eckwälden and all over the world. We always work with partners who share our values and goals. We want to achieve our best together, in long-term organic farming partnerships based on trust.

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