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Taking stock

We want to serve society in the spirit of Rudolf Hauschka by making use of natural raw materials and habitats. Working with medicinal plants always goes hand in hand with the consumption of nature, as is the case with all economic activities. This has induced us to initiate and foster sustainable value-added partnerships on different continents with an ever-growing wealth of empirical knowledge.

Good for the world, good for people

We mainly use renewable substances in our medical and cosmetic preparations, including medicinal plants, real essential oils and botanical oils and waxes – preferably in organic or Demeter quality, of course. Whenever possible, we use raw materials from our own Demeter farm or from the medicinal herb garden. Some of the plants we use in our medical and cosmetic preparations do not thrive in the temperate European climate. To also obtain these ingredients in organic quality, we sometimes lend a helping hand in the initial development of organic cultivation project.

It all starts with cultivation

Is that already contributing to climate protection? Yes, because ecologically farmed areas store more carbon and emit fewer greenhouse gases than conventionally farmed areas. Our guiding principle is to leave our planet in a better state than we found it and to help heal the soil. We integrate this commitment directly into our value chain – from the cultivation of raw materials to the manufacture of products to social structures.

Life is colourful

In addition, we keep an eye on the "big picture" - biodiversity. Because only through biodiversity do ecosystems remain stable. That is why we are particularly committed to this. For example, with a specially created biodiversity trail along our modern laboratory building, with the cultivation of our own seeds or with green roofs that serve as habitats for plants and animals. On site, we promote scientific exchange on the topic of biodiversity; in concrete terms, for example, a bachelor's thesis on the topic of green-hay transfer was developed with our cooperation.

Genuinely climate neutral.

Another important factor that we take into account in our Environmental Statement is climate neutrality. A company can be said to operate in a climate-neutral manner if its production or services do not increase the amount of climate-damaging gases in the atmosphere. Another important factor is the way in which this is achieved. There are two basic possibilities: avoidance and offsetting. WALA has achieved extensive CO2 neutrality (scope 1 and 2) at its headquarters by consistently avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. This is ‘genuine’ neutrality that does not need to be offset.

We are on our way there!

WALA voluntarily has itself audited annually by external, independent auditors as part of EMAS certification. Our diverse environmental activities can be found in our currently published environmental statement.