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Sustainable supply chains

WALA is committed to sustainability on three levels: economic, ecological and social. This mindset is also reflected in our supply chains. Particularly when it comes to the procurement of raw materials, we rely on long-term partnerships that facilitate fair incomes in economically underdeveloped regions and promote or even initiate organic farming.

some of our raw materials, such as avocado, do not grow in our medicinal plant garden due to the climate conditions. That is why our subsidiary naturamus is building sustainable partnerships around the world.
Photo: naturamus

Producing WALA medicines and Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics always involves consuming natural resources, just as any commercial activity requires the consumption of natural resources. This drives us to initiate and maintain sustainable value chain partnerships built on ever-growing know-how across various continents.

In keeping with the motto of our founder Rudolf Hauschka, ‘Have confidence in everything you do’, the basic prerequisite for long-term cooperation is confidence in our global partnerships. This grows on the basis of shared values: socially conscious, fair and environmentally responsible behaviour should be as much a given for our partners as it is for us. We not only take care of our direct suppliers, but also our upstream ones. You can find out more in our WALA mission statement.

We are interested in having a clear understanding of our supply chain. If you have any indications of violations of the law on due diligence in the supply chain, you can send them to us via our complaints management system. You can access the complaints management system via the following link - by clicking on the link you will be redirected to an external page: to the complaint management system.